We have passed the golden jubilee of Bangladesh's great independence. I have already left behind fifty years of development of Bangladesh. But after a while Alinagar Union No. 1 is a traditional township of Biyanibazar upazila inhabited by expatriates of Sylhet district. Where as education There was a huge shortage of a basic ingredient. DM High School is the result of the tireless efforts of the pro-social predecessors of the area. For long ages, this town was the only educational institution for the thirst for knowledge. When Nuzzaman was under the burden of the continuous demand of the time and the excess of students, at one time a social activist Mr. AK Azad Chowdhury came forward on the invitation of the youths of the area. Ramdhay founded 'Azad Chowdhury Academy'. of this institution
As a result, the needs of people in the eastern part of No. 1 Alinagar Union township are fulfilled to some extent. But the demand for a girls' school in this area remains sorely lacking. Which was really immense in the needs of a girls' school with the present era. With a long-standing desire for such a girls' school in the area, Irish expatriates, businessmen and
Mohammad Saifur Rahman Bablu, a young scholar, dreams of spreading the light of education in the area. Therefore, around his cherished dream, some of the energetic elders of the social organization of childhood-adolescence involved in making this dream a reality. 2021 is the year of our great liberation war
On the eve of Golden Jubilee, seeds were sown on 17th January of the desired dream of the tree of knowledge called Lutfur-Nehar Memorial Girls School. This girl is the long-time aspiration of Etadanchal and the most important moment of time
The establishment of the school is a great step towards the expansion of knowledge-hungry women education in this town. Now independent educational institution for women education in this town is not only a dream but standing in front of our eyes
real Seedling sprouted from seed Lukur-Nehar Memorial Girls' School is today a tree of knowledge spread out in leaf litter surrounded by branches. The tree from which will grow innumerable streams of knowledge. Like a lighted lamp
As if the flame of light will spread forever in every house of the town.
2. Location: Lutfur-Nehar Memorial Girls School No. 1 Alinagar Union of Biyanibazar Upazila of Sylhet District
Located in Chandagram (west of Mokam) on the north side of Sylhet-Jakiganj C&B road, very quiet, tidy, excellent location and educational environment free from city or market noise. Calm, gentle and
This institution, rich in picturesque buildings and modernity, stands proudly in a safe and beautiful natural environment.


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