Message from Chairman

Education is the key to the development of a nation. Education is the main means of achieving the goal of poverty alleviation. A well-educated nation that is modern in intellect and mind and advanced in thought and consciousness can take a country to the pinnacle of development. And that is why education is called the backbone of the nation.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the victorious emperor, said, "The hand that rocks the candle rules the world". Men and women are two inseparable parts of our society. Therefore, along with men, women should play a role in nation building with proper education. But half of the vast population of our country is women and a large part of it is still deprived of the light of education. Although the expansion of women's education in our country is essential, it is still far behind due to the lack of facilities. And so, the establishment of 'Lutfur-Nehar Memorial Girls' School' with the aim of providing education to the poor, talented and deprived women (students) of this area.

We hope you will choose 'Lutfur-Nehar Memorial Girls' School' as the only independent educational institution for girls in this area to enroll your daughter in safe, pleasant and noise free. We believe that one day the school will create a new mile marker as it keeps pace with the changing education system.

The main objective of this institution is to make students with pure mind, able to face the challenges of globalization and inspired by the love of the country through imparting pure knowledge. Above all, sharpening the latent talent of female students is our main vow.